Soul Control

This week in our Let It Go study, we discuss the art of soul control.

I often had conversations where someone tells me they’re depressed. Me: “Why?” Them: “I don’t know”

I used to be the same way. I don’t know why I feel the way I do, I just do. Then I learned that my feelings most always come from thoughts.

So, as you practice soul control, here’s a few questions to ask yourself when you find yourself struggling with an unwanted emotion:

1. What have I been thinking about? Make sure you’re really honest with yourself. Not what do you think about the situation, but what exact thoughts have been running through your mind.

2. Evaluate those thoughts. Are they true? Are they honest? Are they pure? Are they lovely, etc. (Phil. 4:8)

3. Correct and/or repent of the lies or sinful thoughts you were thinking.

4. Practice soul control by choosing a portion of Scripture to say over and over.

Have you experienced the peace of practicing soul control? Share some steps how you have done so.


  1. Kayla Jefferson says:

    I use to struggle with neg thoughts a lot and for the longest time I did not know how to stop them. I was always down and believed a lot of lies about myself. I started WLF and got connected with Meredith for some good. Christian counseling and now I can “change the channel”. Now when the thoughts enter my mind I start reading bible verses and saying them out loud and start filling my head with positive thoughts.

    • Meredith Rice says:

      Aren’t you glad God gives us an option and the power TO change the channel? You don’t have to get stuck! I love hearing this. What a good example you are to everyone else who experiences the same thing. Proud of you.

      • Kayla Jefferson says:

        I am very thankful God gives us that option. I serve a great and mighty God. I’m so Blessed to have WLF as well. I have learned a lot and ya’ll have taught me how to have a relationship with Him. My life has changed so much in a year and I LOVE every change.

  2. Donna Palmer says:

    I have suffered with depression and anxiety for over 20 years. With the help of WLF and the Bible studies we have done, I have begun a closer relationship with God! I am now strong enough that I am going to start a business. I choose to be positive and to fight my disabilities. Only by the grace of God can I do this!

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