New Goal!


  1. Deborah Berg says:

    Deanna, thank you for this reminder of where my heart is!! As you know the struggle of temporary things and my battle to defeat and realize who I am In Christ!!!! To have obediance and to know if not for this ministry, where would I be? Probably all drawn up in the bed with my blanket…… The first scripture at my first bible study moved me, so please everyone read Isaiah 61:1-3 . Financial support for WLF is money used for a greater purpose. Much love in Christ!!!

    • Deanna Bartlett says:

      Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and your monthly financial support. YOU are one of the rewards of the ministry!

  2. Allison Morrison says:

    Oh Deanna!! I love you and each of the ladies I’ve come in contact with through WLF so much! Ya’ll are such a blessing to me…This ministry has been truly life-changing for me since I showed up in the middle of Breaking Free by myself. If you know me, I am not one to do anything alone, but I stepped out into WLF and how my life has changed. I am a group leader, which is something I never thought I’d do, and am praying about discipling someone else.
    As Debbie said, when you give to WLF, you are giving SO much more than your money-most of you will never know how you’ve impacted His Kingdom until you see Him face to face 😉

    • Deanna Bartlett says:

      I was so escited to meet you after those first emails of prayer support you sent when I first launched out into this ministry. I met a new friend and sister in Christ. Thank you for stepping out and becoming a group leader as well as a financial supporter.

  3. Crystal Osment says:

    You have all my love and support (prayer and financial). This ministry has transformed my walk. I have learned how to hear His voice through His word. Consequently, I have committed to the Lord, to be involved (every study, every Monday) in this ministry until the end of time. Let’s change Anderson, one woman at a time.

    • Deanna Bartlett says:

      It has been a joy to watch God work in your life and then see you take steps of obedience. Thank you for being a faithful supporter and helping us reach those precious women in our community!

  4. Dottie Shearer says:

    Deanna, Your right this is a ministry that needs supporters! I have been so blessed by this ministry, you all have the opportunity to reach ladies in the Anderson and surrounding areas and give them hope for a wonderful future in Christ. All I can say is god has got this ministry and he is smiling on all involved in making it all work. I have been a recipeiont

  5. Dottie Shearer says:

    Deanna, I just wanted to let you know how much you ministry has ment to me as a follower of Christ. Your ministry has brought me back from the brink of destruction and I can’t tell you how much I have grown sense I first started coming to the bible studies each week. I am in the process of figuring out how I will be able to give to this ministry! I feel so blessed to have an opportunity to be one of the women who have gotten some one on one counseling and feel glad to know that there is a ministry in our area that has the desire to lift up and encourage the women of Anderson. So thank you WLM, Deanna and God for the hearts that are touched each week. I love what this ministry is doing in Anderson!

    • Deanna Bartlett says:

      I count it an honor to have been there when you needed us the most. It has been a joy to watch God work in your life. You have been allowing the “process” to happen and have been so teachable. We love you and pray for you in your journey!!

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