How Nurture Your Friendships

In this world of facebook statuses, likes, posts, twitter, and texts we are able to keep in touch with more people than ever. We literally have friends at our fingertips. Technology has brought a lot of good our way, but it has also made us lazy. Lazy with a lot of things, but for this topic today, it has made us lazy in our friendships.

Here are some tips on how to nurture your friendships or be an encouragement to someone. The inspiration for these tips come from a birthday package I received from my best friend, Casey – someone who is excellent at letting people know how much they are loved.


1. Remember someone’s birthday without the help of a facebook reminder. Write it on your calendar.
2. Do something more than write on their facebook wall! A handwritten note these days is gold. Thanking the person for what they’ve meant to you in your life or even sharing a special memory can mean so much.
3. Mail a card. (Yes, using envelopes and stamps . . . :) ) It’s rare to get mail from an actual person so this extra effort can go a long way in making a person feel loved.
4. Give a fun gift just to let the other person know you were thinking of them. It doesn’t have to be expensive.

I know there are plenty more tips out there – these are just a few that really meant something to me through this package. What are some of your tips?

*Disclaimer- this is in no way a reprimand for my sweet friends who sent me special birthday texts and Facebook posts for my birthday. You’ll probably get the same from me for your birthday :) This package just reminded me how the unexpected occasional, extra step can mean a lot. No ulterior motives here.


  1. Those are great!
    It’s always fun to get a “just because I love you” card in the mail. Those no reason at all things are such a blessing especially if you’re having a dreary day!!!!

    Thanks for all you do!

    • Meredith Rice says:

      Yes, those colored envelopes from a just because card peeking out from all the bills and junk mail is a fun surprise!

  2. I like to send random text. Sometimes it’s a prayer, a scripture or just a encouraging word. I have done the occasional card and I think I will try to do that more. Thanks for these tips!!

    • Meredith Rice says:

      Marie, I’m not sure you need any improvement in this area! :)

    • Deborah Berg says:

      Marie, those text from you in my difficult time spoke truth from God’s word that had to be from the Holy Spirit! May God’s glory be seen! I love you!!

  3. Deborah Berg says:

    Meredith, this is so true and a great reminder to me. I’m a slacker with cards! I have learned a gift given no matter how small without the receiver knowing who sent it can be a blessing to both parties! God is so good!

  4. Kayla Jefferson says:

    Great tips Meredith. I love giving people cards.

  5. Deborah Berg says:

    I have a valentine card for my dear friend. I never mailed it. She passed away 2 days before Valentines Day. It was complete with name and address, stamp too! Just never put in box!

    • Meredith Rice says:

      Oh my Debbie. First of all, I’m so sorry, second of all, that’s a pretty powerful reminder to tell people often how much they’re loved!

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