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  1. Michelle Cheatham says:

    For the most part I am good keeping secrets except when it comes to my parents. If one parent mention something concerning the other I have to mention it. I don’t mention it right then but I will eventually get around to it. I don’t like secrets being kept from me. I like being in the know part of things. I don’t like the unknown.

  2. Rachel Gunby says:

    I can keep secrets. However, depending upon the situation if I am asked about something point blank, my face can give me away. I am not a good liar :)
    However, when it comes to things that must be confidential, I am very good at keeping quiet.
    I’m not big on secrets and surprises being kept from me either!

  3. Deborah Berg says:

    I don’t like secrets!!! I have learned to keep my mouth zipped in family situations. My dear friend whose has gone to be with the Lord would always get what I got her for Christmas out of me. Then she would just laugh when I tried to find out what she got me…..

  4. That “learning to keep my mouth zipped” is a life long process for me :) I always like to say what I got someone also. I would keep asking Jeff, “Do you want to guess what I got you?” and he would say, “no’. He’s no fun with that game :)

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