Prayer Monday

Last week I had a somewhat unsettling experience.  I was told by the India pastor that my husband and his mission partner had not arrived at the airport.  So, I started looking through all the flight information I had not realizing the date here and there could be different depending on the time.  They were […]

Thirsty Thursdays – Spiritual Lens

I talk to a lot of people who hated taking history in school. When asked why, they say it was irrelevant to them, something that happened way back that has no meaning to them today and it’s boring.  What a shame. What’s the real shame is that history is not boring or irrelevant but it’s […]

Thirsty Thursdays – Ninevah

Recently my husband and I have had some conversations from a Sunday School lesson about Jonah.  The thing most people remember about Jonah is that he was swallowed by a big fish but the lessons of Jonah are much bigger than that. When asked to characterize Jonah most people say he was afraid. God called […]